Thank you for your interest in our ‘Everyday Maths’ teaching resources, which you can download from the links below!

An editable presentation to help inform and inspire children to think about ‘everyday maths’.

Lesson presentation slides (PDF)

Editable lesson presentation slides (PowerPoint)

These teacher notes support the ‘Everyday Maths’ presentation.

Teacher notes (PDF)

Teacher Notes (MS Word)

Cut-out-and-keep ‘maths goggles’ and download pictures of the ‘Freckle Friends’.

Maths Goggles template (PDF)

Pictures of the ‘Freckle Friends’ (PDF)


Freckle is an exciting addition to the Renaissance Family that complements Star Maths, providing differentiated practice in maths and balancing fun with learning:

  • Aligned to National Curriculum standards for Key Stages 1-3
  • Continuously adapts to each pupil
  • Over 70,000 unique maths questions

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