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Students respond to the regular feedback provided by AR and are motivated to make progress with their reading skills

AR gives teachers the information they need to monitor students’ reading practice. A comprehensive set of reports reveals how much a student has been reading, at what level of complexity, and how well they have understood what they have read.

“AR has had a very positive impact on our school. Some of the benefits include: professional development of staff; increased collaboration between home and school; a more child centred approach to reading; improvements in children’s self-esteem; and increased reading abilities.”

Helen Cole
Ballykelly Primary School

“We love Accelerated Reader and how much it engages our students in reading for pleasure every day.”

Beth Khalil
Thorp Academy

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The Reading Dashboard gives you information about student growth and performance at a glance.

Guiding effective reading practice

Students develop reading skills most effectively when they read appropriately challenging books – difficult enough to keep them engaged but not so difficult that they become frustrated. Regular STAR Reading assessments determine each student’s current reading level and the range of book levels within which the student ought to be reading in order to make the greatest progress.

Students receive a TOPS Report every time they complete a quiz, showing their progress towards their personalised targets based on the quantity and complexity of the books they read.

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Quiz item for Accelerated Reader quiz on Elmer

How AR works

AR is a cloud-based programme, hosted on network sites. Students and teachers log onto the programme to take quizzes and access reports.

Quizzes can be taken on computers, laptops, tablets, and through the AR Student App for Apple iOS devices.

AR is available by subscription. Quotations are tailored to the specific needs of each school, and are available on request.

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Motivate students of every ability

AR is an effective support for students in need of intervention, giving them regular small successes as they develop their reading skills. Avid readers aim for large points targets and try to become Word Millionaires by reading a million words in the course of an academic year or term. When whole classes work together towards collective targets, and their successes are recognised in assemblies and
display noticeboards, a culture of reading rapidly forms.

“Not only have students’ reading ages increased, their understanding of the text has increased in depth. They are now reading with emotion, recognising punctuation, and understanding how punctuation affects the meaning of the text. This has an impact on every subject taught in school.”

Tina Gray, Darlington School of Mathematics and Science

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