Freckle spots with Catherine Magee

Catherine Magee, a member of the SLT at St Comgalls School in Antrim, Northern Ireland, has been exploring Freckle with her class throughout the year and has documented why Freckle is not only favoured by the teachers at the school, but also by the children.
Her insight and children’s reactions in these videos are great examples of how to implement Freckle into your classroom. Whether you are new to Freckle, or would like to better understand how it can be used in the classroom on a day-to-day basis, we hope that Catherine’s video diary will support you on your Freckle journey.

Setting up Freckle

Celebrating Success

Maths Motivation: Implementing a reward system for continuous engagement

Exploring Freckle: Learn key features of our new maths programme


“Freckle will be a crucial resource for our school going into the new academic year because we know it can support maths intervention and practice for all pupils.”

Gomer Junior School, Hampshire


“Freckle provides both practical maths tasks to confident pupils and more visually stimulating, story-focussed tasks for less confident pupils. The versatility of Freckle is powerful.”

Plumcroft Primary School, London


“My pupils were fully engaged with maths practice because Freckle offers questions that are the right level for every pupil based on their pre-existing knowledge.”

Prescot Primary School, Merseyside

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