Reach all pupils at their level

Freckle provides differentiated maths practice that balances fun with learning
When pupils have access to practice designed just for them, there’s no limit to what they’ll discover – and what they can achieve. Freckle facilitates engagement with work at the ‘just right’ step that motivates students to reach their full potential.
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Continuously adapts for personalised maths practice, while offering teachers the ability to focus on year objectives.



Deliver real-world scenarios, skills practice, and peer-to-peer support with pupil-friendly incentives and age-appropriate designs to provide a balance of fun and learning.


Gain real-time insight into pupil performance and progress with actionable practice data that recommends the next best skills to practise.


Increase pupil progress and proficiency in maths through objectives-based skill development, personalised target setting, and individualised practice sessions.

Adaptive Maths

Provide every pupil with independent maths practice at their ‘just-right’ step

With over 60k maths questions, Freckle continuously adapts to meet students where they are and help them progress on their individualised learning path.


Balance fun and learning with fun incentives and age-appropriate designs

Freckle engages every pupil by rewarding their achievement and delivers an age-appropriate experience that will have them asking for Freckle.

Pinpoint knowledge gaps and determine where to spend instructional time

Get visibility into students’ proficiency of each year objective. View objectives that have been learned, target specific objectives, and plan instruction.

Measure the impact of maths practice as confidence and knowledge grows

In the 2019–2020 school year, students in the U.S. who used Freckle 15–30 minutes per day experienced measurable growth toward maths fluency. Data indicates that over 100 days of Freckle usage helped pupils avoid learning loss associated with COVID school closures.


“Freckle will be a crucial resource for our school going into the new academic year because we know it can support maths intervention and practice for all pupils.”

Gomer Junior School, Hampshire


“Freckle provides both practical maths tasks to confident pupils and more visually stimulating, story-focussed tasks for less confident pupils. The versatility of Freckle is powerful.”

Plumcroft Primary School, London


“My pupils were fully engaged with maths practice because Freckle offers questions that are the right level for every pupil based on their pre-existing knowledge.”

Prescot Primary School, Merseyside

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