To help ‘keep students in the Republic of Ireland reading’ all summer long, we are offering free, limited access to thousands of enhanced digital myON books and myON News articles¬†until the start of the New School Year.
Plus, exclusive access to the O’Brien Press publisher pack!

Simply complete and submit the registration form below before Friday 1st July for access to the following resources – or click here if you are in Northern Ireland:

  • The ‘Core Collection’ of over 6,000 fiction and non-fiction myON books suitable for Primary and Secondary aged pupils
  • The ‘O’Brien Press‘ collection of fun, engaging entertaining books designed to help boys and girls aged between 6 and 10 to develop a love of reading
  • Five daily myON News articles written by professional journalists and reviewed by child psychologists for age appropriateness
  • Certificates of Participation for those reading at least 20 books over the free access period, and the chance to win spot prizes!

Any questions? Please call or email our Customer Service team on +44 (0)20 7184 4000¬†and [email protected] or use the Live Chat function on your Renaissance Place if you are a Renaissance customer.

Free access gives you a taste of what myON and myON News can offer you and your students, but full access brings you even more – including Accelerated Reader quizzes, a wealth of data on reading performance, and the Projects tool that allows you to create lessons as simple as reading one or more books, or they may incorporate additional tasks such as writing assignments using graphic organisers.

Full access to myON includes:

  • Authentic texts

    Access thousands of enhanced digital books with audio support – including new Primary & Secondary packs from our friends at Badger Learning. 102 exciting books available, all are Accelerated Reader-quizzed!

  • Unlimited access

    Available to all students 24/7 online and offline & free companion mobile apps are available for iPad, Android tablets, Chromebooks & Kindle Fire HD

  • Personalised learning

    Ability to match students with the right book at the right reading level, based on their interests with links to Star Reading and Accelerated Reader

  • Homework features

    Close reading tools including a built-in dictionary, highlighter, sticky notes, literacy emojis, graphic organisers, projects and much more

Full access to myON News includes:

  • Accessible

    Age-appropriate news articles delivered every weekday, 52 weeks a year are available in three languages (English, French and Spanish) and at three reading levels with embedded scaffolds to support struggling readers

  • Interactive

    Professionally recorded audio, maps, slideshows, a built-in dictionary and more make each article come alive, deepening student engagement

  • Enriching

    100% non-fiction texts, a wide range of cross-curricular topics and downloadable Teacher Guides help strengthen literacy skills

  • Safe

    Authentic reporting by professional journalists and a careful review by a child psychologist help ensure every article is unbiased and appropriate for children

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