Additional funding for literacy and numeracy

With many parts of school budgets contracting, it is becoming increasingly important to maximise the value of additional funding and grants.

These pages look at some of the most important sources of additional funding for schools in the UK. They outline the main criteria of the funding and explain how schools can make valuable gains in literacy standards by using the funding to best effect.

COVID-19 Catch-up Premium Guide

With the recent government announcement that £1 billion of funding will be used to assist catch-up in students with lost learning, we’ve put together a quick guide that takes a look at how schools can use catch-up funding with Star Assessments.

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Maximising the value of the Pupil Premium

The Pupil Premium was introduced in 2011 with the aim of reducing the impact underlying inequalities have on children’s educational attainment.

Because Pupil Premium funding is intended to reduce the gap in attainment between students registered for free school meals (FSM) and their peers, it is used most valuably when allocated on initiatives that both improve standard and help schools to measure those improvements.

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Northern Ireland

Extended Schools funding in Northern Ireland

Extended Schools is an initiative set up by the Northern Ireland Department of Education to make additional funds available to school activities beyond timetabled hours.

This page explains how some schools have used the initiative to establish after-school reading clubs supported by new implementations of Accelerated Reader.

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Using the School Effectiveness and Pupil Deprivation Grants to best effect

The School Effectiveness Grant and Pupil Deprivation Grant are funds allocated by the Welsh Government to meet the specific aims established to improve education standards.

The funding is provided to schools with the purpose of improving standards in literacy and numeracy as well as reducing the impact of poverty on educational attainment.

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Make big gains in literacy with the year 7 Catch-Up Premium

The Catch-Up Premium is £500 of additional funding per year 7 student not gaining a Level 4 in reading or maths at Key Stage 2.

The funding is intended to help students to catch up to expected levels of attainment quickly, with a large boost of intensive support at the start of their Secondary education.

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