Using the School Effectiveness and Pupil Deprivation Grants to best effect

The School Effectiveness Grant and Pupil Deprivation Grant are funds allocated by the Welsh Government to meet the specific aims established to improve education standards.

Additional growth for low-income students

The funding is provided to schools with the purpose of:

  • improving standards in literacy
  • improving standards in numeracy
  • reducing the impact of poverty on educational attainment

Official documentation from the Welsh Government outlines the strategic ways in which schools ought to be meeting these objectives. Effective learning is paramount, as schools will be required to demonstrate the impact the funding is having on attainment.

An independent study conducted by the Education Endowment Foundation and Durham University in 2015 found that students using Accelerated Reader achieved an additional three months growth in reading age compared to their peers, over a 22-week period. Low-income students were found to achieve an additional five months growth with AR – outperforming their peers and closing the gap between them.

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Findings of the Education Endowment Foundation research

“The study shows that poorer children can catch up with their peers as long as the right choices are made by schools.”

Professor Stephen Gorard, Durham University School of Education

Interim progress monitoring

Guidance from the Welsh Government stresses the importance of data in informing teaching practice.

AR and the STAR Reading interim assessment provide reports of test results in custom groups, including those with Pupil Premium eligibility.

Because the test is quick and easy to administer, typically taken four times each year, teachers have the information they need to diagnose any potential problems early in the school year.

Reading is an indicator of success

Students who read for pleasure regularly are significantly more likely to perform better than their peers at school. By fostering a love of reading, Accelerated Reader (AR) motivates students to read and develop their reading skills which will help them on their way to success across the curriculum.

Reading Dashboard shown on a PC screen

The interactive online Reading Dashboard allows educators to see how well students are performing at class, group and individual level. It allows teachers to diagnose problems and inform intervention programmes.

“I use the reports within AR to monitor students’ progress… which helps to identify students who are struggling and allow teachers to direct their time appropriately.”

Gillian Charlton
Saint George’s Church of England School

“The AR Diagnostic reports are… clearly presented, so we have been able to implement intervention strategies at an early stage where necessary.”

Shirley Smith
Bluecoat Academy, Nottingham

Screenshots of the Screening Report and Student Growth report

The Screening Report identifies students who are performing above benchmark expectations, at benchmark, or below benchmark.
The Student Growth Report plots a student’s progress toward a previously set target, allowing you easily to determine if that student is responding to intervention.

“Our aim was to raise literacy standards, which we feel we have achieved through the use of Accelerated Reader.”

“Because we have been using AR as an intervention tool, Pupil Premium funding has been key to our implementation of the programme. We have used it to purchase books to be used with the programme and to support it with other resources such as prizes and incentives.”

The Mountbatten School, Hampshire

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