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At Renaissance, we host a series of free web events for schools in the UK & Ireland to learn best practices, discover new products and ensure continuous learning. To register for an online event or watch a recorded webinar – browse the list below.
For more information on what virtual training sessions are available, please email our coaching department.

The full list of recorded webinars can be viewed here.

5 Ways of discovering what your kids are reading

(Recorded 21st June 2022)

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‘In It to Win It’ : Everything you ever wanted to know about the Renaissance Awards

(Recorded 9th June 2022)

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How to Nearpod-ize a lesson live

(Recorded 19th May 2022)

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Top Tips from Top Users: Sharing success with Freckle this National Numeracy Day

(Recorded 18th May 2022)

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Get More from Accelerated Reader: Schools share their top AR strategies

(Recorded 5th May 2022)

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Freckle Spots series: Freckle making its mark (3/3)

(Recorded 29th March 2022)

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Freckle Spots series: Freckle hits the spot! (2/3)

(Recorded 15th March 2022)

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Creating opportunities for underrepresented students through reading

(Recorded 8th March 2022)

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Free access to Nearpod: Putting interactivity into a presentation

(Recorded 2nd March 2022)

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Freckle Spots series: Joining the dots (1/3)

(Recorded 1st March 2022)

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Freckle in Action: How schools use Freckle for maths practice

(Recorded 25th February 2022)

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Developing English reading skills through myON

(Recorded 17th February 2022)

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25 ways to celebrate World Book Day

(Recorded 10th February 2022)

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Hidden Treasures of Accelerated Reader

(Recorded 9th February 2022)

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“Please, sir, I want some more”: myON, Charles Dickens, and whole-class reading

(Recorded 8th February 2022)

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A new school year should not only be a journey of discovery

27th September 2022 | 3:30pm

Starting a new school year as a teacher or Headteacher is an exciting time. Getting to know the children is a huge factor, therefore having a strong starting place is key to helping identify the children’s needs and abilities.

Helen has been a Headteacher for 4 years and in this session she will share with us how her school starts off a new school year.

In a recent podcast Helen and her colleague Sally shared some of the creative ideas they’ve employed to keep children reading over the summer holidays.

Join us in this interactive webinar as we discuss the importance she places on ensuring that her staff are suitably informed to support their children throughout the academic year.




The #RenaissanceSpace Podcast is an opportunity to showcase all that global education has to offer. From curriculum planning and classroom management to tracking pupils’ progress, you can expect detailed discussions covering the hottest topics across the education sector.

New episodes will be available every month, have a listen here.

Get in touch and share your thoughts with us on Twitter @RenLearnUK using #RenaissanceSpace

Why you can count on multiple choice!

The conversations between colleagues is a great opportunity for everybody including the
participants to learn more about what makes Renaissance tick and how it all came to pass and this podcast with Gene Kerns is no exception. His knowledge, understanding and length of time with the company makes this a fascinating inside story.


Surviving the Summer Slump

As we head rapidly towards the summer break, teachers and children are just as excited as each other to shout “School’s out!” But how do we make sure reading progress isn’t lost during the break?

In this podcast, Helen and Sally, two members of staff at Godolphin Junior Academy in Slough, chat about how they make sure to keep the reading engagement going and avoid the summer slide.


How can we ensure that we’re hitting the right level for children?

In his second visit to the pod,  Matt Beighton introduces his new book ‘Write It. Level It. Teach It.’ – now available for pre-order – which you can grab a sneak peak of at here.

Here and in the book, Matt discusses in detail how important your own teacher-created content is, and how to use systems such as the ATOS Analyser to ensure that it is as effective as it can be – saving you time and making your content work harder for you.


Setting our sights on SATs: The journey and how to get there

Assessment is sometimes considered a dirty word, but identifying and defining the needs of children through targeted formative assessment can help prepare them for their SATs journey. In this episode, Margaret chats with Executive Headteacher, Nick Hart and Year 6 teacher and reading lead Kelly Buxton about their strategies to achieve tangible results in reading.


“What can we stop doing?” – How can a Headteacher give his teachers some time back?

Michael Tidd, Headteacher of East Preston Junior School in West Sussex talks about how to balance teacher workload and wellbeing, confident in the knowledge that the teaching and learning meet the needs of his children, teachers, parents and the Trust.


Freckle Spots series with Catherine Magee

Freckle provides tailored maths practice for all abilities, balancing fun with learning.

In this three-part series, Catherine discusses how having such a strong real-time understanding of the children’s progress and proficiency, as well as witnessing them develop a love of maths has become a common and enthusiastic response from the staff and pupils at her school.