We create assessment and practice solutions that put learning analytics to work for educators, saving hours of prep time while making truly personalised learning possible. Schools globally use our solutions to analyse students’ abilities and guide high-quality instruction. We help teachers teach better, students learn better, and school administrators lead better—all to improve academic outcomes.

UK Products


 Star Assessments

Renaissance computer-adaptive Star Assessments for Reading and Maths are used by over 6,000 schools across the UK and Ireland. Star Assessments provide you with reliable data showing progress made by each student and if they are on track to meet expected standards in the learning pathway.  Star Assessments complement Accelerated ReaderAccelerated Maths and myON by Renaissance, also provide a personalised learning plan for each student, helping to inform next steps.

Benefits of using Star Assessments
  • Guaranteed time saving: No marking required. Screen an entire class in 20 minutes.
  • Personalised testing: One test, one scale. Personalised for every student, from ages 6 up to 18 years
  • Accurate placement: Know exactly if students are making expected progress & year group expectations

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Accelerated Reader

At its heart, Renaissance Accelerated Reader is simple. A student reads a book, takes an online quiz, and gets immediate feedback.

Accelerated Reader gives teachers the information they need to monitor students’ reading practice and make informed decisions to guide their future learning.

A comprehensive set of reports reveals how much a student has been reading, at what level of complexity, and how well they have understood what they have read.

  • Vocabulary growth and literacy skills: Giving teachers insight into how well students have responded to reading schemes and class instruction.
  • Engaging students: With more than 200,000 quizzes to choose from, kids are sure to find books they’ll love
  • Motivating practice: Set personalized, manageable reading targets for every student
  • Impacting growth: 180+ peer-reviewed articles, independent evaluations, and studies show proven results

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Magic Inside. Metrics Included.®. When a student finds that “just-right” read, magic happens and a love of reading is born. Give students more opportunities to discover their next great read with a vast collection of fiction, nonfiction, and news. Rich metrics provide teachers the insights to transform that magic into amazing growth.

  • Easily: assign projects and monitor growth.
  • myON Reader’s: comprehensive approach to personalize literacy includes all the tools to guide and enrich students’ reading – then monitor and celebrate their achievements at every step.
  • myON projects: Teachers can create custom assignments that include books, graphic organisers, writing activities, quick assessments, and more.
  • Twelve: detailed reports give teachers rich insights into engagement and achievement at the student and class level, so they can keep literacy going strong.

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Data & Connections:



We make data easy to find, understand, and take action for school systems everywhere.

Schoolzilla, a multiple measures dashboard, provides a curated view of your district’s results in near real-time so that you can manage progress toward your most important goals.


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