Build automaticity in essential maths facts with MathsFacts in a Flash.

MathsFacts in a Flash develops automaticity in mathematics – enabling pupils to recall maths facts instantly, accurately and effortlessly.

MathsFacts in a Flash gives children valuable practice on their addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, fractions, decimals, and percentages. It builds fluency in mathematics and encourages algebraic thinking.

Graphic showing the instruction, practice, test, review cycle with Accelerated Maths

Practice → Test → Review

Pupils take practices and tests on an online system using a computer or tablet device. They find it simple and fun to use, making maths practice an enjoyable part of learning.
  • Revolves around instruction, practice and intervention
  • Provides personalised practice for each child with immediate corrective feedback
  • Costs much less than other fact fluency programmes

MathsFacts in a Flash uses both practice exercises and tests to monitor progress and reinforce established facts

1. Baseline test

For each new maths level, students complete a 40-item timed test. Immediate on-screen feedback provides students with feedback about their time and accuracy, and shows any missed problems. This establishes a personalised baseline for the student.

2. Personalised practice

Students practise known and unknown maths facts, including those that typically cause the most difficulty at their level. They also practise facts they missed on their previous test. They receive immediate corrective feedback at the end of each practice session.

3. Timed test for mastery

Students complete a 40-item timed test for additional practice until all the problems are answered correctly within a set time goal. Once mastering a level, students are automatically advanced to the next level. Students are also able to review previously mastered levels and challenge their best times.

4. Instant feedback for teachers and parents

Detailed reports provide teachers with instant feedback of how each student is progressing toward benchmarks or responding to intervention. Parents can stay on top of their children’s progress with an automatic email message each time they master a new MathsFacts in a Flash level.

Graphic of a quote showing that teachers can really focus learning
Accelerated Reader Classroom

Independent practice in the building blocks of maths

MathsFacts in a Flash provides frequent, personalised practice in the building blocks of mathematics. It ensures that students have committed maths facts to long-term memory.

The software manages the tasks that are best automated by technology: generating practices, timing tests, marking, and reporting results. This eliminates paperwork and provides instant data feedback.

The data provided by the reports informs teachers’ instructional decisions, signals places where intervention might be necessary, and motivates students to take ownership of their own practice.

  • Concentrates practice in specific areas at the correct level for each student
  • Measures fluency within 58 levels of addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, squares, fractions, decimals, and percentages
  • Reveals how each student is progressing toward a benchmark or responding to intervention
  • Informs parents and enables effective practise of maths facts at home
Implementation and professional services

A comprehensive programme of remote and on-site training accompanies the implementation of Accelerated Maths, with additional professional development packages available on request.

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