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Instant feedback to inform instruction

Accelerated Maths Fluency provides teachers and administrators with immediate information and feedback that can direct and enhance instruction. Its detailed and incisive reports give you valuable data on the level students have mastered as well as their accuracy and time spent on facts.

Student Progress Report. This report gives an overall picture of the levels each student has mastered, and their progress toward mastery of the current level. View sample report.

Class Progress Report. This report provides an overview of students’ progress and allows instruction to be differentiated effectively. View sample report.

TOPS Report. The TOPS Report prints after each session, giving immediate feedback to students. View sample report.

Renaissance Place Dashboard

Screenshot of the Renaissance Place Dashboard

The Renaissance Place Dashboard shows valuable data at a glance.

With a quick glance, the Renaissance Place Dashboard gives teachers and senior leaders a big-picture view of student performance by class, year group or customised sub-group. This gives an overview that is easy to interpret and quick to digest.

This dashboard allows administrators to check progress at any moment, literally in real time, as their students’ proficiency increases.