Welcome to your myON by Renaissance implementation

Welcome to myON by Renaissance! myON is a fantastic resource for schools. More than just an online library with 70% non-fiction content, myON offers comprehension tools, audio options and projects. There are reports to track and monitor students reading and literacy progress.

If you are new to myON watch this video to learn more!

Getting started:

The standard myON implementation you will have access to consists of two sessions: the first one that focuses on the student experience within myON, and the second session delves into what the teachers can access and experience. If you have upgraded to myON News then we also provide a short session covering that.

Your myON by Renaissance Implementation contains the following:

  • Unlimited access to The myON Student Experience session
  • Unlimited access to the myON Teacher Experience session
  • Access to the Renaissance training department at [email protected]
  • Key myON resources

The great thing about your implementation is that anyone from your school can join in at any time, as we have multiple sessions running every week which you can find links for below, and attendees can book on at their leisure. Unlimited access means just that.

Every session is open to all staff and schools that have access to our myON implementation, and everyone is encouraged to participate throughout each one. You never know, you may find some new tips being suggested by someone else, or you might suggest an idea that helps another school! Everyone will be provided with a recording of the session after attending.

If you are brand new to myON we know that getting started can seem confusing with different things to do, so to help you have a smooth implementation we have put together a simple 5-step timeline below to help get you up and running.

Month 1:



Month 2: