Welcome to your Nearpod by Renaissance Implementation

Everything you need to complete your Nearpod onboarding

Nearpod offers an interactive platform that merges real-time formative assessment and dynamic media for live and self-paced learning experiences inside and outside of the classroom. If you are new to Nearpod watch this video to learn more!

Your Nearpod by Renaissance Implementation contains the following on-demand training sessions:

  1. An Introduction to Nearpod
  2. Nearpod – A Deeper dive
  3. Access to key Nearpod resources

If you are brand new to Nearpod, we know that getting started can seem confusing with different things to do, so to help you have a smooth implementation we have put together a simple 5-step timeline below to help get you up and running.

Month 1
Objective Helpful Resources
Step 1: Enrol your teachers

We’ll support you through the process of adding user accounts for those who need access to the platform.

Add Nearpod users guide

Email [email protected] for assistance (please ensure you contact us from the email registered with your Nearpod licence)

Step 2: Training session 1: An Introduction to Nearpod

Covering the following topics:

  • Understand what Nearpod is and navigate the platform
  • Create a Nearpod lesson from new or existing content
  • Experience the lesson from teacher and pupil perspectives
  • Embed interactivity and immersive features into your lesson
Step 3: Start using Nearpod in, or outside of the classroom

Start creating Nearpod content, testing which interactive features work best for you to use in your lessons. You may also want more of your staff to attend session 1 themselves so they are equipped to create content for their students too.

Month 2
Step 4: Training session 2: A Deeper Dive into Nearpod

Covering the following topics:

Viewing engagement data using Nearpod reports

How to create quick wins to consolidate learning

Using different teaching modes

Connecting to other platforms (eg, Google Classroom)

Step 5: Start personalising Nearpod

Now you should have enough information to utilise Nearpod in various ways. But our support team is always on hand for providing tips & answering questions you may have.

Renaissance Clinics

If you need to ask the Training department about something specific, however, the Renaissance Clinics allow you to book time in with one of our Training team in a 1:1 environment. The Clinics are fantastic for asking advice on the products, for advancing your implementation, for analysing your data with some support or just figuring out your next steps after having completed the sessions.

Each clinic session can be booked for 15 mins at any time of the day, simply click here to book.

Access to these is unlimited too, so keep the link and book as often as you need.

This will complete your implementation, but unlimited access to the initial sessions will be available for you or any new staff for the first 12 months of your Renaissance products.