A close-up of NEO 2

User manuals and software downloads for NEO 2

User manuals

The comprehensive manual for NEO 2, including troubleshooting guides.

A teacher-focused resource giving practical classroom applications for NEO 2.

A guide to converting a NEO 2 to be UK Joint Council for Qualifications compliant for examinations.

A quick pocket guide to getting to grips with NEO 2.

Software downloads

A range of software updates and drivers are available to download. For assistance with choosing the right software or support with setting up, please contact UK Support on 020 7184 4000 or email to [email protected].

NEO Functionality Management

NEO 1      NEO 2

This application manages UK NEO 2 functionality and the installation of NEO 2 SmartApplets that further expand its functionality. It is a vital download if you want to make the wireless aspects of NEO 2 work, including Accelerated Reader compatibility.

This version includes the firmware update System 3.14 which has Keywords as NEO 2′s typing tutor, and some bug fixes associated with Text2Speech, and has MathsFacts in a Flash Offline included as standard.

Updates to NEO Manager include syncing Keywords and MathsFacts Offline with your Renaissance Place site (if you have one).

If you wish to update your NEO firmware please use the following guide: Updating NEO with System UK 3.14.

Accelerated Maths / MathsFacts In A Flash with NEO 2

NEOShare v2.0

NEO 1      NEO 2

NEO Share is our simple wireless text transfer software that allows you to send and receive text between your computer and a set of NEO 2s. It works very well with an interactive whiteboard.

2Know! Toolbar

NEO 1      NEO 2

This application is the computer software that links with NEO 2s and allows them to work as voting and assessment devices.

Windows 7 64 Bit Driver

NEO 1      NEO 2

Please install this if you are experiencing problems running the above applications on your computer 64 Bit Windows 7 PC. To use, unzip, double click on the .msi file and follow the on-screen instructions.

AlphaSmart 2000, 3000 and Dana

Please contact our support team on 0870 120 0718 for software and manuals for our legacy products.