Our team is on hand to help prepare your site on your behalf. Please complete this form with your 2022/23 term dates before the 22nd of July,  and a member of our Customer Support team will prepare your site over the school holidays.
Please note you will still need to complete certain tasks in order to use your Renaissance Place site in the next school year. You do not need to wait for the old school year to end; you can simply choose to work in the new school year before you follow these steps.


Reports to save before your school year ends:

We encourage you to retain this year’s important student information for reference when the new school year starts. Not all Star Assessment report data are accessible on your Renaissance Place website from year to year. Some reports are designed to be used only during the current school year.

There are three reports that we strongly recommend you generate and save prior to changing from the current school year:


The Student Progress Monitoring Report This report contains intervention progress information that’s helpful for teachers who will be working with the same intervention students next year, or for sharing with those teachers who will be providing intervention to your current students next year. We recommend saving a hard copy or PDF of these reports before the start of the next school year.


The Screening Report This report cannot be generated for a previous school year. Therefore, we encouragStar Screening Reporte teachers to save a hard copy or PDF of these reports at the end of the current school year for all screening periods, so you can benefit from and compare the data at the beginning of the new school year.



The Annual Progress Report – This report provides a graphic display of a student’s progress across a school year in comparison to either a National Norm Reference or a year-end target. The audience for this report is primarily teachers who are using Star for periodic progress monitoring.


Please contact our Customer Services team on 020 7184 4000 if you require any additional support.