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Are you new to Renaissance Star Assessments? We’re here to help

Keep reading to learn more about Star Assessments and how they enrich your child’s unique learning journey.

What are Star Assessments?

Star Assessments are computer-adaptive tests (CATs) for primary and secondary students that measure reading, maths and early literacy skills.

Your child’s teacher will use the data from Star Assessments to answer essential questions he or she has about your child’s learning needs to improve academic outcomes for all students in the class.

Can I see the questions my child got wrong?

Each testing experience is unique because Star Assessments continually adjust based on each response, homing in on your child’s current level of achievement and progress. The overall pattern of responses is more important than how your child answers each question. For this reason, and to protect the integrity of the test, we do not share individual test items or question results.

How often will my child take a Star Assessment?

Each school has different implementations and uses for Star Assessments. Schools typically screen students three times during the academic year: at the beginning, middle and end.

Star Assessments can also be used to monitor intervention programmes. In this case, your child’s teacher may use it weekly to track how your child is responding to the chosen programme.

What is a computer-adaptive test (CAT)?

Not to be confused with cognitive ability tests, CATs are computer-adaptive tests that adjust based on students’ responses. If your child answers a question correctly, the next one is more difficult. If he or she answers incorrectly, the next question is easier.

Renaissance Star Early Literacy, Renaissance Star Reading and Renaissance Star Maths adapt to the right difficulty level throughout the test to provide a highly accurate prediction of your child’s ability in early literacy, reading and maths.

How can I help my child prepare for a Star Assessment?

Assure your child that Star Assessments are not pass-or-fail tests. This tool is one part of a continual learning cycle to measure his or her achievement and see what he or she is ready to learn next.

How will their results be used?

Star results are used for one or more of the following reasons:

> Measuring your child’s general achievement in reading, maths or early literacy

> Identifying what skills he or she is ready to learn

> Helping plan instructional support activities

> Tracking his or her progress toward academic targets

> Estimating his or her proficiency on particular tests, such as KS2 SATs

> Estimating his or her mastery of standards

Star Assessment results are only one aspect of your child’s learning journey. We recommend that Star Assessments be used as part of a school’s comprehensive assessment solution to measure student achievement and progress.