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What is Accelerated Reader?

Decades of data and research have revealed that effective reading practice needs to include deep engagement, active ownership or learning, and an appropriate level of challenge. Teachers and librarians use Accelerated Reader to support this type of “perfect reading practice” and motivate your child to want to read more and discover a lifelong love of reading.

What books are included in Accelerated Reader?

Accelerated Reader doesn’t include “books”. Renaissance creates Accelerated Reader quizzes for most fiction and non-fiction books and also includes an archive of 2,000 non-fiction articles.

We currently have over 38,000 quizzes available to schools in the UK and Ireland, and we add around 2,500 more each year, for classic literature, award winners, long-time favourites and many of today’s popular titles.

Our quiz writers research the latest titles and write quizzes every week. Check our Renaissance Accelerated Reader Bookfinder to see if we have a quiz for your child’s favourite book. If it’s not there, click the Suggest Quizzes link. We’ll be happy to add it to our list if we can!

My child says they hate reading. How can I help?

If your child doesn’t like reading, there could be many factors at play. Here are some ideas to encourage your child to have a new outlook on reading:

> Read with them. At any age, reading aloud can be fun and a good way to find topics and genres you have in common

> Model reading yourself and talk with your child about what you’re reading

> Begin with audiobooks and encourage your child to read along with them

> Encourage reading any material on any device. Make the most e-reading apps, online articles, magazines, comics or manga in addition to books. If your child is a gamer, suggest books on their favourite video games

> Take an interest in what interests your child and read about it. Share articles on their favourite sports teams or pull out a cookbook and explore recipes together

Reading becomes rewarding when you provide opportunities for your child to explore the things they like or you enjoy an adventure together.

Explore the Advanced Search on Accelerated Reader Bookfinder to look for topics your child might be interested in.

What is myON by Renaissance?

myON supports independent, self-directed reading and teacher assignments. myON’s digital book library contains thousands of age-appropriate titles for primary and secondary students that are rich with engaging and interactive tools, and personalised to your individual learner’s year group and reading level. Your child can access books both online and offline, from any browser-based device, anytime, anywhere, so that they always have something to read.

What is Renaissance myON News?

Renaissance myON News, powered by News-o-Matic, delivers age-appropriate news articles for your child, reporting on timely topics and current events through a series of five daily news articles, 52 weeks a year. Each article incorporates engaging multimedia – videos, slideshows and photo galleries – to help children better understand the news. Coverage includes high-interest world news, as well as arts and entertainment, sports, science and technology, and more. An archive of articles is searchable by keyword and topic. Reading shorter non-fiction content like news articles is important to your child’s literacy growth through providing a balance to fiction reading most kids prefer, and is critical to developing their digital and media literacy skills.

Why does my child’s teacher promote Accelerated Reader and stress setting targets?

The intention of Accelerated Reader is to give you and your child’s teacher insight into your child’s reading practice habits.

When teachers set targets based on an individual child’s needs, target setting promotes “perfect reading practice”.

Accelerated Reader targets are typically set for the following:

> Average percent correct: The most important target for all students is to average at least 85 percent on quizzes. This indicates a student is reading with a high level of comprehension, which accelerates reading growth and progress. Averages of 90 percent are associated with even greater gains

> Points: Point targets indicate how much reading students are expected to do. Accelerated Reader provides point targets that are appropriate for each student’s reading ability, the amount of time that teachers schedule for daily reading practice, and the length of the marking period. In this way, point targets are individualised, fair and realistic

> Average book level: The book-level target helps ensure students read at a level appropriate for them as individuals. It represents a minimum level of difficulty. Targets are set at the low end of student’s ZPDs to encourage them to read free throughout an appropriate range

Talk to your child’s teacher about Renaissance Home Connect to see your child’s Accelerated Reader targets and track his or her progress toward achieving them.