Meeting Ofsted Requirements in English

Ofsted’s Moving English Forward report outlines the new inspection framework and also includes their recommendations as to what schools should be doing to raise achievement in terms of literacy development.

According to the new framework, schools must be able to demonstrate the progress every student is making – regardless of their age or ability. Many schools will understandably find this a daunting prospect.

However, schools using our STAR Reading and Accelerated Reader (AR) software needn’t worry as it provides quick and easy access to a wealth of data whenever they need it.

As the notice period for inspections has virtually disappeared, at any time a school can be expected to provide information on:

  • the progress all students, including those with disabilities and SEN, have made since joining the school relative to their starting points
  • how well they have developed literacy skills
  • how well gaps are narrowing between the preformance of different groups of students in the school.

AR offers in-depth reporting by student, class, Year Group and for the whole school – and was selected to feature in the National Literacy Association’s Online Guide to Literacy Resources.

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Meeting Ofsted Recommendations

The report also includes 10 key recommendations for improving literacy standards. In particular, Ofsted urge all schools to develop policies that promote reading for enjoyment, and improve transition and continuity in curriculum and assessment in English between Key Stages 2 & 3.

Meanwhile secondary schools should also strengthen whole-school literacy work across all departments.

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