Photo of a data team meeting for Renaissance-U

Personalised voice-to-voice coaching supported by self-paced tutorials and activities.

What is Renaissance-U?

Renaissance-U facilitated courses for educators provide personalised voice-to-voice coaching supported by self-paced tutorials and activities. Through this blended approach, you will discover how to implement Renaissance Learning’s assessment and reading solutions effectively. The Renaissance-U course suites include:

Self-paced Tutorials

Teachers access Renaissance-U on the Renaissance Place™ hosted platform to view short, engaging tutorials that deliver the critical content needed to effectively use assessment and reading solutions and the data they provide. These tutorials let you:

  • Work at your own pace when your schedule permits and review as often as needed
  • Solidify the concepts teachers are learning with a variety of activities
  • Track progress through the course

Implementation and Data Coaching (conversations with an expert)

A Renaissance coach serves as the online instructor for the course as your partner throughout the year. The coach will help your teachers apply the knowledge they gain from the tutorials by:

  • Carrying out an initial introductory online session to introduce you to Renaissance-U and the services available to you
  • Working with your whole team of teachers three times in the year to analyse their data and improve instruction plans based on what they discover together
  • Guide teachers’ progress through the self-paced tutorials

Learn more about the Renaissance University

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