Latest success stories from Renaissance Learning

Freckle Success Stories

Empowering Maths Education at Yeo Valley Primary School

Yeo Valley Primary School, Barnstaple

We spoke to Abigail Fleming, KS2 Deputy Phase Lead, who has been using Star Maths since she joined Yeo Valley Primary School as a NQT in 2018. When she joined, the school had recently started using Star Maths and, in 2021, it decided to also adopt Freckle as the products are closely aligned. Since adopting Renaissance solutions the school has seen immense progress in maths and numeracy amongst its students.

A Reduced Workload and Accurate Data from Freckle at Perry Wood Primary and Nursery School

Perry Wood Primary and Nursery School, Worcester, England

Perry Wood Primary and Nursery School, part of the Griffin Schools Trust, is celebrating the success of their enhanced reading and numeracy development strategies, thanks to the implementation of Renaissance's Accelerated Reader and Star Reading solutions. Since introducing these programs in 2021, the school has significantly improved pupils' reading levels. In addition, it now boasts an impressive milestone of over 11,000 Freckle maths practice sessions halfway through the 22/23 academic year.

Improving Pupil Outcomes in Reading and Maths at The Raglan Schools with Assessment Insights and Personalised Practice

The Raglan Schools, Enfield, London

Raglan Junior School, situated in Enfield, London, has been using Accelerated Reader and Star Reading for a decade! We speak to headteacher Martin about how Renaissance solutions incorporate personalised practice to improve student outcomes.

An Instant Impact with Freckle at Windsor Park CE Middle School

Windsor Park CE Middle School, Staffordshire, England

Windsor Park CE Middle School has been using Accelerated Reader and Star Reading since 2013. In 2021 the school introduced Freckle to promote maths engagement and accelerated maths practice amongst pupils throughout Key Stage 2.

Since implementing Freckle, both attainment and math progress for last year's year-six cohort were classed as sig+. This means that they were significantly better than national averages.

Students Taking Ownership of their Maths Journey with Freckle at Landau Forte Academy QEMS

Landau Forte Academy QEMS, Staffordshire, England

Landau Forte Academy QEMS has been using Accelerated Reader and Star Reading since 2012 to support the school's literacy development strategy.

In 2022, the school introduced Freckle to drive maths engagement and provide students with the tools they need to remain self-motivated to succeed on their numeracy development journey.

Following the initial success of Freckle at the school, we spoke to Catch-Up Coordinator Sam, who explained the value of Freckle on student progress and teacher assessments.

Targeted Maths Intervention and a Reduced Workload at Summerfield Primary School

Summerfield Primary School, Birmingham, England

Summerfield Primary School has been using Freckle maths practice since March 2022 to support targeted intervention and to reduce teacher workload.

We reached out to Mathematics Lead Rebecca Gray about how Freckle's maths practice from Renaissance autonomously provides differentiated and accurate math practice tasks to pupils aligned to the national curriculum without increasing their workload.

Closing the Gap in Maths with Freckle at Bramley Sunnyside Junior School

Bramley Sunnyside Junior School, Rotherham, England

Bramley Sunnyside Junior School has been using Star Maths assessments since 2018 to support the school's maths development strategy. In 2022 the school introduced Freckle maths practice further to help the proficiency of numeracy skills for all pupils. In the summer term of 2022, we discovered that the pupils of Bramley Sunnyside Junior School had completed almost 5,000 Freckle maths practice tasks in two academic terms.

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Ofsted Approved Catch Up Strategies with Renaissance Solutions

Prescot Primary School, Knowsley, England

Prescot Primary School in Knowsley has been using the full suite of Renaissance solutions since 2012 to support the School's reading and numeracy development strategies. 

In May 2022, the School received the exciting news that they'd been allocated an Ofsted Inspection report grade of 'Good'. In the report, the inspector made the following observations about the School's successful learning development strategies:

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“Needless to say, we will continue to implement Accelerated Reader and Freckle maths for the long term.”

Pontygwaith Primary School, Wales

Pontygwaith Primary School introduced Accelerated Reader and Star Reading to their pupils during Spring Term 2019. The school has since gone on to also implement Star Maths and Freckle maths practice to support their numeracy development plan.