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Last updated April 23, 2019

Exciting new features for Accelerated Reader for you and your students!

Announcement: New UK Norming

In the 2019-20 academic year we will be releasing new norms, including country specific norms for England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. To learn more about norming and what this change means, please read this document.

Announcement: Non-fiction Articles in Accelerated Reader

  • We are currently Beta Testing a new feature that will allow students to discover 2,000 engaging non-fiction articles (labelled Accelerated Reader 360) covering dozens of topics from history, science, technology and culture from their Renaissance Home Page (formerly known as Renaissance Place). After reading the article they will also be able to test their comprehension with an AR quiz for each article. Please note that quizzes on articles do not currently earn the student points, and are written in US English.
  • FAQs about Non-fiction Articles

    • How can teachers see the articles that are available to students? Currently the only way for teachers to preview the articles is by logging in as a student. We are currently looking at a way to provide access, if not a sample of articles for teachers to review. Once something is available, we will let you know.
    • Why would students read them if they don’t earn points? Schools can start out by just encouraging students to read the articles and learn about new topics. If they like the topic, they could head to the library to discover a book that tells them more about the topic. Teachers or librarians may want to incentivise students to try 3 non-fiction articles a month.

      Click here to download instructions on how to Track Non-Fiction Article Results

    • How do students access the articles? Students have a new Accelerated Reader Articles tile on their Home page. This tile directs them to a search and discovery area where they will find articles for their level, one level above and one level below.

    Announcement: Accelerated Reader on iOS Devices

    Renaissance Accelerated Reader® is designed to be used on any device, iOS or other, that is 7 inches or larger. Educators and students can access Accelerated Reader from a browser on these devices by using the provided URL. We hope that the following answers will help answer some of the most frequently asked questions about using Accelerated Reader on your devices.

    Q. Previously we used the Accelerated Reader app. Will this app be updated?

    No, in August 2017, Renaissance Learning announced that we would be discontinuing support for the previously available iPad and iPhone apps for Accelerated Reader. As of August 2018, the app was removed from the iTunes store and is no longer available for download. If your students are still using the previously installed iOS apps, you should transition to using a supported browser on those same devices. Quizzing on the retired apps will not work after June 30, 2019.

    Q. We have iPads for students to use in our classroom. How can I make it easy for students to login to Accelerated Reader on this device?

    To make logging on faster for students you may consider creating a bookmark for your Renaissance site on the iPad. Please refer to the browser’s Help files for the most up to date steps. At the time this document was created, the following steps were supported for Chrome and Firefox.

    Creating Bookmarks in Chrome on the iPad
    1. Open the Chrome browser and browse to the page that you want to bookmark
    2. Open the Chrome options menu and touch the star icon at the top of the menu.
    3. Configure the bookmark settings, then tap the “Save” button

    Creating Bookmarks in Firefox on the iPad
    1. Open Firefox and browse to the page that you want to bookmark
    2. To bookmark a page, tap the menu button (either below the screen on some devices or at the top-right corner of the browser) and select the star.
    3. Bookmark added will appear at the bottom of the screen.
    4. To rename or edit your bookmark, tap Options in the message that appears when you bookmark the page.

    Other changes:

    • Students will see the “% of points target earned” metric on their progress page.
    • On the ‘My Completed Work’ tab (formerly the Bookshelf), students will be able to search for completed quizzes by title, quiz number or author.
    • Students will be able to search for books by Book Level, Interest Level or Points using the new advanced filters.
    • Teachers will be able to run the new ‘Targets Met’ Report to get a list of all students who have met their targets, making this important task quick and easy.
    • Teachers will be able to set a new ‘Passing Percent Correct’ preference to control what quiz scores count as passing.


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