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Pupils Are Taking Reading Ownership at The Godolphin Junior Academy

The Godolphin Junior Academy , Slough

Over the last twelve months, The Godolphin Junior Academy has carried out the seventeenth-most Accelerated Reader quizzes in the UK & Ireland by completing 39,985 AR quizzes and 2,317 Star Reading. Correspondingly, a steady increase is found in both pupils' average AR reading level (+8.64%) and Star Reading ZPD level (+10.29%) at the Academy.

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A Key Role in Transforming the Reading Culture at Northcote Lodge

Northcote Lodge School, Wandsworth

Northcote Lodge School has been using Accelerated Reader and Star Reading since 2017 to support the school's reading development strategy. After discovering that the school had carried out the third-most Accelerated Reader quizzes in Wandsworth from August 2020 - November 2021, we got in touch with the school o find out just why the school has carried out more than 5,500  Accelerated Reader quizzes over the last twelve months!

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Utilising Renaissance data to assess the impact of lockdown

Marish Primary School, Slough

Marish Primary School, part of the Marish Academy Trust, have been using Renaissance solutions since 2010 to support the school's reading strategy. As a result, in December 2021, the school fell into the top twenty schools in the UK & Ireland for the most Accelerated Reader quizzes carried out over the previous twelve months. Since September 2020, the school has carried out over 39,794 Accelerated Reader quizzes and more than 4,729 Star Reading assessments.

Clear, Identifiable Objectives with Star Maths

Fulbridge Academy, Cambridgeshire

Fulbridge Academy has been using Star Maths since 2019 to support the school's maths development strategy. In December 2021, the school carried out the second-most Star Maths assessments in the UK & Ireland with an astounding 3,847 assessments carried out since September 2020.

“An invaluable resource that saves teachers loads of time”

Gomer Junior School, Hampshire

In 2021 because of Star Maths' impact on supporting intervention and learning in maths, the school agreed to trial the new maths practice solution from Renaissance - Freckle!

No pupil slips under the radar with Star Maths

Edward Bryant Primary School, West Sussex

Edward Bryant Primary School has successfully used Star Assessments to track and monitor pupil progress in reading since 2015. In 2018, after the school's success with Star Reading, the school invested in Star Maths to boost student progress in maths. Barry Robinson, Assistant Headteacher, oversaw the implementation and administration of Star Maths to ensure all pupils and staff got the most out of the solution.  

Finally, a simple and effective learning support resource for maths

Plumcroft Primary School, London

Plumcroft Primary School have been using Star Maths since 2014 to produce accurate progress assessment data for staff. In 2021, they took part in an exclusive trial with the newest maths solution from Renaissance Learning, Freckle.

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A rejuvenated reading culture leading to Ofsted recognised impact

Davison CE High School for Girls, West Sussex

Davison CE High School for Girls have been using the complete literacy solution from Renaissance Learning UK since 2013. In the 2019/20 academic year, Laylah Moore became the schools permanent LRC manager. Laylah brought with her an aspiration and goal to enhance the school's reading culture and ensure more students are reading for pleasure and academic opportunity in her new role. Since 2013 Davison CE High School for Girls has seen a steady rise in progress 8 scores for mainstream and disadvantaged pupils. Laylah wants to ensure that these high standards are maintained across the school and that all students can access cross-curricular resources confidently by acquiring proficiency in reading.

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The Trust with the new Reading and Assessment Strategy

Chiltern Learning Trust, Bedfordshire

Seven schools across the Chiltern Learning Trust use Renaissance solutions. We spoke to Nicola Hickton, Associate Assistant Head and Director of Standards for English in the trust, and Klaudia Jablonska, Literacy Lead at Putteridge High School. They shared their experiences and how Accelerated Reader and Star Reading are used both within the school and across the trust as a whole.

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Developing our pupils into confident readers who want to read, throughout the trust

West Norfolk Academies Trust, Kings Lynn, Norfolk

We spoke to Norma Burgess, Trust-Wide English Lead for Primary Schools, to get an idea of how primary schools across WNAT are using Accelerated Reader and Star Reading to nurture a cohort of confident readers every year.

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