Renaissance Analytics: Trust-wide data all in one place

Unlock the power of your Renaissance solutions with data from all your Renaissance products visible in one platform and see how the Renaissance ecosystem of solutions serves your schools and students.
  • Bring your Renaissance data together in one place
  • Extend the value of your Renaissance products with new ways to view your data
  • Show how Renaissance products are being used across your Trust to maximise their impact on learning
By having all your Renaissance data in one place, you can better understand how your products are being used across the schools within your Trust, within each school, and by student groups:
  • How is my Trust performing overall?
  • What is the total number of Accelerated Reader quizzes passed this year?
  • How many students across my Trust are using myON?
  • How much time do students spend practicing maths in Freckle?
With connected data from all your Renaissance products, you can take informed decisions about how best to support your students and schools.

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