Following the recent school closures, Renaissance is committed to supporting teachers and parents to help keep the UK & Ireland reading. We’ve provided step-by-step guides on how to access Accelerated Reader and myON from home, and ensure every child can continue their reading journey.
Quizzing from home guidance for schools and parents

We don’t usually encourage quizzing at home as it can affect test fidelity and result in data being distorted. There is also a risk of students returning to school with inconsistent or unrepresentative reading ages, or misleading ZPD ranges due to improper quiz practice. However, due to these exceptional circumstances, you may wish to consider allowing students to quiz at home for a limited period.

Ensure that all books issued to students are :

  • AR quizzed – you can use the Accelerated Reader Bookfinder website to search for a book and see if a quiz is available.
  • Appropriate for the student’s level of ability – more information can be found here.
Setting up quizzing at home

Schools may need to change the setting in Accelerated Reader to allow quizzing before/after normal school hours and off their school network – learn more here. Once schools reopen, access to quizzing from home can and should be reversed. Please refer to the same instructions.

We advise students complete quizzes unaided. If parents/carers wish to support their child, they can do so in the following ways:

  • Discuss the book with their child as the book is being read
  • Ask their child to read the question aloud
  • Re-word questions for their child, if necessary
  • Ask their child which answers are not correct

Schools may wish to set up a short cut to their Renaissance Place account on their school website, but should only do this if your students have unique usernames and passwords. You can also easily create a mini-URL if that is more memorable – speak to your ICT department for support with this.

Other important information
  • Daily reading is a crucial factor in developing every student’s reading age. Read more about that here.
  • For schools with myON, this page outlines how students and parents can make the most of myON from home.
  • There are also lots of great resources to use at home at


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