Bring lessons to life in 2022 with Nearpod

By Denisha Polin

What is Nearpod?

Nearpod provides an interactive instructional platform that combines real-time formative assessment and dynamic media for live and self-paced learning experiences, both inside and outside of the classroom. An exciting new addition to the Renaissance Family, it gives educators the ability to adjust in real-time, while easily monitoring student progression. You can have full access to the platform and over 8,500 pre-made lessons until April 14th. The free trial offers all teachers complete access to the school-wide edition, which includes unlimited storage capabilities, administrative resources and pre-made interactive lessons.

Why Nearpod?

  • Guide teaching with insights from 20+ formative assessments and dynamic media features
  • Enhance existing presentations (PowerPoints, Google Slides, PDFs, videos) with active video experiences and check for understanding with built-in interactive questions
  • Choose from a comprehensive library of lessons and videos, or bring your favourites into Nearpod                                             

One platform, multiple methods for teaching

Interactive slides 

Using this function will allow you to incorporate slide-based lessons i.e. from an uploaded PowerPoint presentation and gather data on student understanding by adding formative assessments, simulations, and dynamic media. Additionally, there are thousands of ready-to-teach, customisable, standards-aligned lessons available.

Interactive videos

This function is perfect for visual learners. Create active video experiences and assess student understanding with built-in interactive questions designed to examine student knowledge.

Games & activities

Reduce the pressures of ‘learning’ and increase student engagement with personalised games and activities, designed to add that element of fun but also strengthen understanding of the given topic. Incorporating activities such as Matching Pairs, Draw It and Drag and drop that are all featured in the programme, seek to enhance the student experience whilst accelerating learning growth.

Make your existing resources and content interactive by simply uploading it to Nearpod. Have your lessons readily available on one platform, in one place. Watch: How to upload and enhance a slide deck with Nearpod

In the classroom, outside the classroom or Hybrid learning…

Whatever learning looks like this year, feel confident that with Nearpod your lessons will work in any environment. The same lesson can adapt alongside your plans regardless of your device type or availability. Here at Renaissance, we are offering you the chance to experience your lessons the Nearpod way with FREE access this spring term.


Watch our latest webinar to get the most from full, free access to Nearpod this Spring Term!





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