“An Education Renaissance” – announcing our partnership with the Confederation of School Trusts

By Chris Jarosh

Today marks the start of a momentous platinum partnership between Renaissance UK and the Confederation of School Trusts (CST), united by our shared values of trust and best practice. We were privileged enough to be included as an exclusive exhibitor at the CST spring conference on 28th March 2019. Here, we were given the warmest welcome by Leora Cruddas, the CEO of CST, as she formally announced the consolidation of the new platinum partnership:

“I am delighted to announce a new partnership today – with Renaissance Learning. All our platinum partners share our fundamental values and beliefs about education. Renaissance believes every child can be a successful learner. They are a company founded by parents, upheld by educators, and enriched by scientists who all know that learning is a growth process. They aim to light the path toward growth.”

– Leora Cruddas, CEO of Confederation of School Trusts

United by our principles

The partnership will see Renaissance working side by side with CST to support all school trusts in maintaining the highest standards. Throughout the partnership, both Renaissance UK and CST will be at the forefront of supporting school trusts to master the most efficient means to meticulous data analysis that fundamentally informs and strengthens assessment. This support will be produced in the form of instructional guides and relaying key information to all school trusts.

Together, the partnership will support school trusts and their leaders, whilst always adhering to the four principles that unite us:

  • Advocate
  • Connect
  • Support
  • Strong foundations

“An education renaissance”

“We are living through something of an education renaissance – a rebirth of a conversation about ethics, curriculum, pedagogy, assessment – and how education charities that run schools are the enablers of these most important professional conversations.”

– Leora Cruddas, CEO of Confederation of School Trusts

At the CST spring conference, Leora spoke with passion and assurance surrounding the shared values and ethos that we hold dear. With trust at the heart of all we do, Renaissance UK and CST strongly believe in the positive impact that school trusts can make to the education sector in supporting all pupils by creating more opportunities. We fundamentally believe in the public good that all school trusts give to communities and the most disadvantaged.

“Our core charitable purpose to advance education for the public benefit – to make children and young people’s lives better.”

– Leora Cruddas, CEO of Confederation of School Trusts

Going forward together

By maintaining strong partnerships with all school trusts and their leaders, together, Renaissance UK and CST will be the sole providers of the most effective and ground-breaking evidence of best practice to support the unique needs and requirements of every school trust.

“Now, more than ever before, the focus of education lies within the heart of the community. School trusts and their leaders are committed to providing the best opportunities for all their pupils. Alongside the Confederation for School Trusts, we stand united with all leaders in a shared mission to accelerate learning for all, through the importance of trust.”

– John Moore, Country Manager, Renaissance UK

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