Dive into a Summer of Reading and Defeat the Summer Slide

By Denisha Polin

As the summer break approaches, children eagerly anticipate the freedom from school routines and homework. While it’s important for them to unwind and recharge, research has shown that reading skills often decline during this period. This phenomenon, known as the “summer slide,” can have a lasting impact on a child’s educational progress. To combat this, it’s crucial to encourage reading engagement during the summer holidays.

While some students return to school in September ready to conquer the new school year, others struggle to overcome the effects of learning loss. Our latest report with the Education Policy Institute reveals that although average outcomes in reading have largely recovered in primary schools, there is still a significant gap in reading outcomes between children with high levels of socioeconomic disadvantage and those with lower levels. Lack of resources and school closures during the six-week holiday can exacerbate this gap, making it even more critical to address reading engagement during the summer.

Tackling the attainment gap

Learning at home is just as important as learning at school, and it’s widely agreed that students perform better when families are actively involved in the learning process. To ensure that all children have access to reading activities, we are providing free summer engagement kits in Accelerated Reader, myON and Freckle for maths.  Whether your child is already familiar with our solutions or new to them, there is something in these kits to inspire further exploration. These kits provide a wide range of resources and reading materials for children and families to explore.

Free access to myON

Free access to myON for all schools across the UK and Ireland means that students will be able to read thousands of enhanced digital myON books and myON News articles throughout the holidays, wherever they are. Students’ can benefit from:

  • Fiction and non-fiction myON books with audio narration from the Core Collection
  • Classic titles, including books by Bronte, Dickens and Shakespeare
  • The ‘World Languages’ pack of myON books, including Welsh language titles
  • Five daily myON News articles available in English, French, Spanish, Arabic and Mandarin at three reading levels, with embedded scaffolds to support struggling readers

Tips for Teens

Our most recent What Kids Are Reading report revealed the popularity of authors Colleen Hoover and Alice Oseman among secondary pupils. These authors and their works have gained significant attention in the BookTok community on TikTok. We encourage teenagers to take a trip to BookTok this summer and discover new authors, genres, and books. Engaging with the online book community can be an exciting way for teens to expand their reading horizons, take control of their learning and find books that resonate with their interests.

Hear what our community of educators have to say:


“Students like myON because it offers a broader range of short and sharper reads tailored to each student’s interests and reading history.”

Outwood Academy City Fields, Wakefield

“Students have been particularly excited about using myON at home to easily complete their AR book quizzes.”

Headteacher, Heathwood Lower School, Bedfordshire

“Some of our pupils’ families may not necessarily have many books at home. Therefore, myON has been great in introducing a range of texts to each pupil’s home to encourage reading engagement outside school.”

Teacher and English Subject Lead, Hevingham Primary school, Norfolk


Preventing the summer slide and maintaining reading engagement during the summer holidays is crucial for children’s educational development. With the free summer engagement kits and resources like myON, students have the opportunity to explore a wide range of books and articles, regardless of their location. Encouraging teenagers to join online book communities, such as BookTok, can also provide them with a platform to discover new authors and engage in literary discussions. By fostering a love for reading and supporting children’s literacy during the summer break, we can ensure a smooth transition back to school in September and promote educational equity for all students.


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