Celebrating millionaire milestones at Felsted Preparatory School

By Chris Jarosh

Felsted Preparatory School, based in Essex, have used Accelerated Reader since 2009. Paula Pilcher, librarian, shares how the school celebrates their children’s reading accomplishments.

In the academic year 2014/15, 15.6% of our children had read more than a million words. In 2015/16, 17.3% had read over a million. This year we have again broken that record with 18.6% of our children becoming word millionaires. We have 382 children using Accelerated Reader from years 3-8. Of these, one child has read over 10 million words, one has read over five million, one over four million, six over three million, six over two million and 51 who have read over one million words.

Owl brooches rewarding the number of words read

Our millionaires are celebrated in assembly. They receive a certificate and an owl brooch that is coloured bronze, silver, gold, platinum, diamond, ruby, and emerald, turquoise, jet or amethyst, depending on the milestone reached. The children then wear these brooches for the rest of the school year. We list all word millionaires on a honours board outside the library, where we also host a millionaire’s celebration party at the end of the year.

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