What makes good education software specialists?

By Chris Jarosh

Understanding the role of education software companies  

Education software companies / Education software specialistsOver the past decade, technology has really come to the fore in education, supporting teaching and learning and providing access to tools which make classroom environments more engaging and productive. But when choosing which education software specialists to work with, what kind of things should you be looking for?

When you identify the need for assistance from education software companies, you should validate their credentials. Anyone can profess to be education software specialists, but you’ll need to carry out some due diligence to make sure this is actually the case.

A few pointers to look out for when looking for education software specialists include:

  • Has the education software been developed by people with proven experience in education – this can either be by a teacher, an academic or even a parent – someone who has had first-hand experience of education?
  • What other sectors do the education software companies work in? Sometimes you’ll find that the software has been developed for use in business and then simply adapted for education. That’s not to say it won’t be a good product, just be aware that it doesn’t necessary make the company an education software specialist.
  • What commitment is there to further software development? Lok for evidence that the solution will be supported over time. This is particularly important with cloud-based programmes where you may be investing a lot of time and resource into relocating an activity – you need to know that the education software companies are not going to disappear overnight.

While these are some practical pointers to help you establish the credibility of education software specialists initially, fundamentally you need to confirm that the product being offered meets your specific needs. If it is education software to support student assessment, then further research will be necessary to ensure the product features map your requirements. Star Assessments for example, provide education software solutions specifically for literacy, reading and maths.

To learn more about these, please visit the Star Assessments product page.

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