Managing maths measurement

By Chris Jarosh

The role of Star as a maths tool for maths measurement

Maths measurement, Maths tools imageWhile maths as a subject is inevitably easier to measure due to its objective nature (as compared with subjects such as reading), when considering the importance of validity and reliability, maths measurement can become a little more challenging to accurately manage – in both primary and secondary schools.

By introducing Star as a maths tool to specifically support assessment and measurement, schools will benefit from a robust programme which has been independently validated. Providing an empirically validated description of how learning typically advances in maths, Star Maths gives teachers a powerful maths tool that helps to guide learning but equally importantly, identifies areas for intervention.

From a maths measurement perspective, Star helps to pinpoint exactly where each child is in their learning progression. As a computer-adaptive test which can be completed in under 30 minutes, Star Maths is also an extremely efficient way of managing maths measurement.

Essentially a ‘low stakes’ assessment experience for pupils, Star Maths helps to normalise the testing protocol which means maths measurement can be undertaken much more frequently than with more formal paper-based tests. As well as reducing test anxiety, as a maths tool Star also reduces the administrative burden of marking on teachers – helping to ease the increasing workload which teachers are facing.

Finally, maths measurement is about helping to ensure that children are making the right level of progress, with the objective of them reaching the expected standard at each stage of their development. Star is a valuable maths tool in this regard as scores from Star tests have been shown to closely correlate with SATs results. Essentially, Star is a reliable and valid programme for managing maths measurement and been shown to deliver significant time saving benefits over paper-based maths assessments.

To learn more about Star Maths and using it as a maths measurement tool, visit the Renaissance Star Maths product page.

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