Renaissance Learning takes delivery of two BookBenches

By Chris Jarosh

We are very pleased to have taken delivery of two BookBenches. Part of the Books about Town initiative, the benches had previously been on display in Central London locations at St Paul’s Cathedral and Greenwich Park.

The National Literacy Trust (NLT) collaborated with Wild in Art to place 50 book-themed benches around London over the summer. Earlier this month the benches were auctioned to raise money for the NLT. We are strong supporters of the NLT and their work, and were very pleased to have won two lots: the benches featuring characters from Lauren Child and Jacqueline Wilson.

Photo of the Jacqueline Wilson and Lauren Child BookBenches

Renaissance Learning is the proud owner of the Lauren Child and Jacqueline Wilson BookBenches.

Members of our quizzing team were among those privileged to unveil the benches in the reception area in our London office. Sarah Kerr, our Assistant Editor, is pleased that we won these lots in the auction:

Jacqueline Wilson is staple reading for so many young people. She creates believable characters and writes about real issues, but never speaks down to children or sensationalises the challenging topics she addresses in her books. She and Lauren Child are very popular with students using Accelerated Reader: they always come near the top of the list of most-taken quizzes and teachers request quizzes of their new releases in huge numbers. These are really fitting benches for us to have.

Photo of the Jacqueline Wilson bench being unwrapped

Two of our editors, Laura and Sarah, battle with bubble-wrap to unveil the Jacqueline Wilson bench.

The benches are shaped like books, with specially-commissioned illustrations of famous characters from the authors’ books. Lauren Child’s Clarice Bean is featured prominently on her bench along with quotes from the books. It was designed by the author, with artwork from artist Jane Headford.

Dame Jacqueline Wilson has created so many memorable characters that only a few could feature on her bench. Favourites Tracey Beaker and Hetty Feather make an appearance, though, on this vibrant bench. Jane Headford was also the artist responsible for the work, using original illustrations from Nick Sharratt.

While the benches are going to be based in the office for the time being, we are planning to send them on the road to other locations so others can enjoy seeing them as much as we have.

P{hotos of our team on the BookBenches

The BookBenches are already proving popular with members of our team.

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