As seen on TV… AR & STAR gets results at “Last Chance Academy”

By Gareth Andrews

Last week a BBC Panorama special told the story of one school’s groundbreaking battle to save problem pupils from the scrap heap and bring exam success.

Baverstock Academy is opposed to permanently excluding disruptive kids and will go to almost any lengths to keep them in mainstream education.

The programme follows the students in the run-up to exams to see if the school can honour its pledge to keep disruptive pupils in school as well as get them five GCSEs.

As part of their efforts to achieve this objective the school is using Renaissance Learning’s STAR Reading assessment and Accelerated Reader (AR) software – and a particular highlight of the show comes 50 minutes in, when George achieves 100% on his AR quiz for the first time.

Watch the show now on BBC iPlayer

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