The first student to see his own book on Accelerated Reader!

By Chris Jarosh

Did you know that there is a Year 10 student at a school in Wales who can now officially take an Accelerated Reader quiz on his own book?

Oliver Lewis is a student at Myddelton College, an independent preparatory and secondary school in Denbigh, North Wales.

They’re big fans of Accelerated Reader and tweet us a lot to tell us about their success with AR, and to celebrate their Word Millionaires.

A few months in the making…

Back in October 2019, we came across a tweet from Myddelton College celebrating the publication of Oliver’s second book.

I mean, wow! We were so impressed and decided that this would be a great opportunity to work together. So we reached out to Mr Biles-Liddell, the Head of English at the school, to ask him whether we could add Oliver’s books to Accelerated Reader!

Fast-forward a few months (after some staff changes here at Renaissance, the COVID-19 pandemic, and all sorts of other things that held us up!) and it’s official – BloodCross now has an Accelerated Reader quiz!

NOW ON AR - BloodCross by Oliver Lewis

We think Oliver is the very first student (in the UK, at least!) who can now take a quiz on his own book on Accelerated Reader. Is that cheating? We aren’t sure. But it’s definitely pretty cool.

“Thank you so much for doing this. This is quite an incredible achievement and we are all so proud of Oliver at Myddelton, but it is just such a powerful statement to send out to all our pupils and pupils across the world – writers are real people. They could even be witting next to you in class or you yourself could be one!

“A huge thank you to everyone at AR that has made this happen.”

– Mr Alan Biles-Liddell, Head of English at Myddelton College

Take the AR quiz on Oliver’s book!

Oliver said, “This is honestly VERY exciting. Thank you so much for doing this and it is so amazing to see my book on AR! Once again thank you. Keep up the amazing work that you all do to keep reading engaging for everyone!”

BloodCross by Oliver Lewis has an AR quiz at #238205.

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