How to improve student tracking…

By Chris Jarosh

The role of computer adaptive programmes in student testing

Student Testing / student tracking imageStudent testing and monitoring the progress of pupils in both primary and secondary schools can often be a challenge for several reasons.

  • Time – student testing naturally takes time. Administering the tests and then marking the papers all take time and can have a negative impact on teacher workload.
  • Validity – choosing the type of student testing to undertake can influence the validity of results – which in turn will determine the accuracy of the student tracking.
  • Reporting – interpreting the data from the testing is a fundamental part of ensuring that student tracking can be undertaken efficiently and effectively.

While the use of paper-based student testing methods are common, schools are increasingly finding that computer adaptive programmes for literacy, reading and maths provide a robust solution to overcome the common challenges with student tracking.

Star Assessments, for example, offer a time-saving and independently validated solution which makes testing and student tracking much easier.

As an online test, Star Literacy, Star Reading and Star Maths all provide reliable testing which can be completed in approximately 20 minutes. Importantly, there is no need for the marking of papers, which means Star tests do not carry an additional administrative burden.

From a student tracking perspective, Star Assessments record all of the testing data in the programme – with a wide range of details reports available at the click of a button. Valuable insight to support student tracking can be generated from within Star without the need to manually process spreadsheets, making it a powerful tool to improve student tracking while reducing the time it takes to undertake regular student testing.

To learn more about using Star Literacy, Star Reading or Star Maths to facilitate student testing or student tracking in your primary or secondary school, please visit the Star Assessment product page.

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