Surrey schools study impact of effective pedagogy on Accelerated Reader

By Chris Jarosh
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The study, from the i2i Partnership, drew on evidence from three schools in Surrey.

A partnership of schools in Surrey has conducted a study into the development of effective reading schemes, finding that effective pedagogy is key to the successful implementation of Accelerated Reader. Weydon School, Ash Manor School and Broadwater School use the STAR Reading assessment to monitor their students’ progress in reading, and Accelerated Reader to motivate regular reading practice at an appropriate level of complexity. The schools are part of the i2i Partnership.

The three schools were at different stages of implementation at the start of the study, casting light on various aspects of the effective use of AR. The study allowed one school, which was seeking to give new impetus to the programme, to focus more clearly on its successful delivery. Another school, which had been using the programme for a few years, hosted a conference for local schools to share best practices and develop more effective methods of delivering lessons for AR.

The three schools identified certain common traits of outstanding pedagogy with Accelerated Reader lessons, including time for silent reading and group discussion as well as plenary sessions that review progress and establish targets for future learning. The study links effective classroom practices with successful outcomes for students, commenting: “we learned that the successful implementation of this programme would be completely underpinned by a high quality of pedagogy that would have a direct impact on the pupils.”

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