Survive the ‘September slump’: Encourage reading engagement all summer long with myON

By Denisha Polin

September is often a bittersweet month for many educators across the UK and Ireland. Teachers and students are back in the classroom after six (well deserved) weeks of summer. Vacations, picnics, trips to the beach, no striking alarm to wake you up at the crack of dawn… the perks are endless. So, it’s no surprise that the transition back from fun and freedom to classrooms and corridors can be quite daunting.

Whilst many students show up ready to conquer the new school year, others struggle to shake that summer slump and it can take several weeks to rebuild reading engagement.

Here at Renaissance, we are encouraging students to read throughout the summer – with some well-earned rest, of course – so that they can maintain their reading level and also discover new books, genres, characters and exciting plots.

Free access to myON for all schools across the UK and Ireland means that students will be able to read thousands of enhanced digital myON books and myON News articles throughout the holidays, wherever they are.

What’s more, your students can also benefit from receiving exclusive access to a Publisher Pack from a publisher in your region. That’s right, we’ve teamed up with publishers across the UK and Ireland to ensure that content is relative to all those who are reading it.


Publisher Packs for Everyone!

  • EnglandSweet Cherry boasts popular book series written in British English (including the highly acclaimed Sherlock Holmes adaptations), which is perfect for Secondary students
  • ScotlandCranachan features high-interest, early Secondary and Young Adult titles from their popular booklist
  • WalesFirefly offers a collection of Lower- and Middle-Years titles
  • Republic of Ireland and Northern IrelandO’Brien Press presents a collection of fun, engaging entertaining books designed to help boys and girls aged between 6 and 10 to develop a love of reading

Prepare for the new school year

Outside of the implementation available to you once you sign up for myON, this summer, you can benefit from free daily myON sessions ahead of the academic year transition. Our expert trainers will take you through the key admin tasks you will need to complete for the back to school set-up, show you how to prepare data, how to add/copy over existing pupils and classes, and how to add in your term dates to ensure your sites are ready for your pupils to log in next year.


Here’s what some of our current myON users have to say:

“Since providing myON to every student to access reading on any device at any time, we’ve seen a noticeable difference in reading engagement.”

– Lyng Hall School, Coventry

“With myON, children can access books about their own interests, and because of that, I’ve noticed a massive difference in their reading engagement. One student, in particular, wasn’t into non-fiction at all, and because they have dyslexia, they barely had any interest in reading at all. However, since introducing myON to them, they can’t stop reading non-fiction books about bugs!”

– Scoil Bhríde, Edenderry, Ireland

“MyON motivates children to become more confident readers and supports independent reading.”

– Mission Grove Primary School, London


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