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Computer-adaptive Star Assessments for reading and maths are used by over 6,500 schools across the UK and Ireland. Star Assessments provide you with reliable data showing progress made by each student and if they are on track to meet expected standards in the learning pathway, and can help instantly identify learning gaps.

Click here for more information on Star Assessments.

As part of your Enhanced Renaissance Experience, you have exclusive access to

Renaissance CPD Power Sessions – LIVE

Advance your implementation with unlimited access to short power sessions on a variety of topics that are relevant for Star Reading, Star Maths & Star Early Literacy. Hosted multiple times each week, and updated every half-term, these sessions are always relevant to where you are in the academic year.



Renaissance CPD Power Sessions – ON DEMAND

If the session or topic you require is not running live this term, you will find it available in our library of on-demand power session recordings here.

Renaissance Clinics:

If you still cannot find what you need, then use the Renaissance Clinics to book time with one of our Training team in a 1:1 environment. The Clinics are fantastic for asking advice on the products, for advancing your implementation, for analysing your data or just figuring out your next steps.

We have launched weekly Clinic time where you will be able to book up to 15 minutes with one of our team. Slots will be limited each week and access to these is unlimited, so keep the link and book, or re-book, as often as you need.



Renaissance U

Access to continued professional learning that provides on-demand video content. Learn more about how Renaissance-U can help educators reach their goals and improve student learning this school year. It’s never too late to give educators.

Star Early Literacy

If you also have our Star Early Literacy (SEL) product then you will need to prepare for testing the children slightly differently from Star Reading and Star Maths, the main difference being that students will need headphones or speakers to access the test.

These documents are designed to help support implementing Star Early Literacy in your school: