Welcome to the Renaissance Enhanced Numeracy CPD online portal!

Our Star Assessment & Freckle solutions are fantastic resources for your school. Star Maths will provide you with reliable data showing progress made by each student if they are on track to meet expected standards in the learning pathway and can help instantly identify learning gaps.

Freckle provides differentiated maths practice that balances fun with learning, whilst continuously adapting to meet students where they are and help them progress on their individualised learning pathway.

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Renaissance Power Session – CPD

Advance your implementation; unlimited access to short power sessions on a variety of topics across Star Maths and Freckle. Show More Hosted multiple times throughout the term, with unlimited attendance for you and your staff. With topics ranging from beginners guides to using Star Maths to predict Key Stage 2 testing, and tracking struggling students through to helping with school inspections.

In these short 30 minutes sessions, there’s something for everyone. (link to page with sessions and descriptions, not created yet)

New Starter group training

This training is designed to get you up & running and is accessed via three online sessions* that focus on setting on the two products: Star Maths and Freckle. Ideal for new starters in school or for those in need of a refresher, attend your chosen sessions as many times as you like for the next 12 months. Book here

Renaissance Clinics:

The Renaissance Clinics allow you to book time with one of our Training teams in a 1:1 environment. The Clinics are fantastic for asking advice on the products, for advancing your implementation, for analysing your data or just figuring out your next steps.

We have launched weekly Clinic time where you will be able to book up to 15 minutes with one of our team. Access to these is unlimited too, so keep the link and book, or re-book, as often as you need. Slots will be limited each week so make sure to book in early here.

Book here

*You will have unlimited access to the three group training sessions, the 1:1 virtual training session is not included