Renaissance Power Sessions – CPD

These Power Sessions are designed to advance your implementation and usage by focusing on fundamental aspects of Renaissance literacy products – Star Reading, Accelerated Reader & myON – to increase knowledge and use throughout your school.

We hope to open your eyes to what is possible with our products, and whether you are just starting out, have been using for years, or are somewhere in between, you should find a session here with content that is new to you and will have an impact on increasing literacy levels within your school.

These sessions can be accessed by any of your staff, and each session takes place once a week on an alternating weekly schedule as seen below.

Below the list of Power Sessions, you will find links to our Getting Started sessions as well which take place multiple times every week. These sessions are fantastic as a comprehensive overview of Star Reading, Accelerated Reader & myON for new staff or as a refresher session to reorientate yourself.



Week 1 schedule
Week 2 schedule
Star Power Sessions
Using Focus Skills to close learning gaps

See how Star can identify skills for students to learn next

Wednesday 11am Friday 2pm
Star growth analysis

Perform growth analysis using your Star results & AR data

Thursday 1pm Thursday 11am
Linking Star to KS2 testing

Predict results as far back as Y3

Monday 2pm Tuesday 11am
Using Star to measure attainment and progress

See how Star data shows relative growth over time

Wednesday 2pm Wednesday 1pm
Targeting “on-watch” students

Unlock the power of the Screening report

Thursday 2pm Thursday 11am
Getting more from Star testing and screening your pupils

See how planning & administering the test impacts on the data

Friday 11am Monday 1pm
The power of SEL (Star Early Literacy)

Identify emerging readers with SEL

Wednesday 3.30pm Thursday 2pm
Literacy Power Sessions
Getting the most from your AR Diagnostic report

The most important report for Accelerated Reader

Friday 2pm Tuesday 1pm
Setting AR targets and tracking progress

Ensure students are engaged with reading from term-to-term

Thursday 11am Wednesday 1pm
Building Reading Stamina

Understand how dedicated reading time impacts on growth

Friday 11am Monday 3.30
Accelerated Reader across the curriculum

How to use the power of AR in other subjects

Monday 2pm Wednesday 3.30
School inspections 1 – How Renaissance can support you

See what resources we have for you to use

Tuesday 3.30 Tuesday 1pm
School inspections 2 – Measure the Impact

How to prepare your data

Tuesday 1pm Friday 11am
Tracking data through Renaissance (using characteristics)

Filter reports by sub-groups of students

Monday 3.30 Thursday 3.30
Using myON Projects to support classroom learning

Unlock the full power of myON as a classroom tool

Thursday 1pm Wednesday 2pm
myON News

How myON provides daily news articles

Wednesday 11am Friday 1pm
Engaging parents with Renaissance

Find out how to support reading from home

Monday 1pm Wednesday 1pm
Supporting gifted and talented pupils

Challenge your more able readers

Monday 1pm Wednesday 11am
Supporting disengaged readers

How the Renaissance provides scaffolding

Wednesday 1pm Monday 11am
Creating your own quizzes and content!

Start adding your own quizzes

Friday 1pm Friday 11am
Using TWI with learners who can’t access Star

Identify and track To, With and Independent readers

Thursday 3.30 Friday 1pm
Supporting EAL pupils

Understand how Renaissance can help you provide that support

Tuesday 11am Monday 2pm
Hidden gems of Renaissance

Get more out of the extra book quizzes & resources

Tuesday 11am Friday 2pm
Best practice and aiming for 100% participation

What do you need for successful reading?

Monday 11am Tuesday 2pm
Effective Data team meetings

Bring Renaissance data into meaningful conversations

Tuesday 2pm Thursday 1pm
Exploring non-fiction on Renaissance

Comb your AR data to identify non-fiction reading

Friday 2pm Tuesday 3pm
Whole class reading

Use AR as a whole class activity

Wednesday 1pm Monday 3pm
Refresher Sessions

If you need to know the basics then join our getting started sessions to get an overview

Accelerated Reader Introduction and Setup

How to prepare your books for AR

Monday 3:30pm

Thursday 10am

Introduction to Star Assessments

Find out how to administer Star assessments

Tuesdays/Wednesdays 10am

Thursday 3:30pm

Launching Accelerated Reader

Learn about the basics of Accelerated Reader

Mondays/Fridays 10am

Wednesday 3:30pm

myON Student Experience

Learn what students see and have access to in myON

Tuesdays/Fridays 9am

Tuesdays 3:30pm

myON Classroom Experience

How can you view reading data and support your students

Mondays/Thursdays 9am

Fridays 3:30pm