Renaissance Live Renewal Training

Autumn 2

Advance your implementation with access to our short 20-30 minute webinars on a variety of topics across Star Assessments, Accelerated Reader, myON and Freckle. These webinars run multiple times each week, with unlimited attendance for you and any of your staff. The session content will be updated every half term so you will be able to attend training based on what we know you need at specific times of the year.

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Mastering Maths with Freckle

This session is aimed at those who have been using Freckle in the classroom and are now in a position to analyse data and move to the next phase of your implementation. In this session we will walk you through the data that is available to you on the Freckle platform. We will explore the Admin dashboard, Teacher dashboard and Freckle reports to help you successfully monitor and assess your pupils’ growth and Freckle usage.


Recommended participants: Teaching staff, SLT and Assessment leads


Tuesdays at 2.30pm

Wednesdays at 3.30pm

Thursdays at 9.30am

myON – Developing Critical Thinking Skills

This session will illustrate ways to use myON to promote critical thinking in conjunction with vocabulary development, collaborative learning and discussion skills. Learn how to identify skills for pupils to practice using Star and Accelerated Reader. We will delve into multiple strategies for using myON to embed those skills with students at different stages of learning.


Recommended participants: Staff who support students with classroom teaching and homework assignment, including those working with EAL, SEND and gifted students.


Mondays @ 3.30pm

Tuesdays @ 9am

Fridays @ 12.30pm

What Parents need to know

This session will run through the essential information you may wish to share with parents for either Star, Accelerated Reader or myON and we will explore how parents can track their child’s quizzing progress and use their ZPD in AR Bookfinder to support with reading at home. We’ll show you how to do this via Home Connect and the new parents reports in your upgraded website.


Recommended participants: Teaching staff, SLT and curriculum leads.


Mondays at 4pm

Wednesdays at 10am

Fridays at 2pm

Closing Learning Gaps with Focus Skills

Within this session we will focus on how you can support your children’s growth with Focus Skills. We will delve into using Focus Skills to support planning and intervention, but also how you can use these skills to be confident that your children have the pre-requisite knowledge to succeed.


Recommended participants: Teaching staff, SLT and Assessment leads


Mondays @ 10am

Tuesdays @ 4pm

Thursdays @ 11am


Setting Targets with Star Assessments

During this session, you will gain valuable knowledge on how to set targets with Star Assessments that effectively monitor and evaluate pupil progress. Additionally, we will explore the significance of benchmarks in analysing achievement data.


Recommended participants: Teaching staff, SLT and Assessment leads


Mondays @ 2pm

Tuesdays at 9.30am

Wednesdays @ 12.30pm


The Power of Star Early Literacy

Discover the purpose and use of Star Early Literacy (SEL), how to administer the assessment and use the skills provided to inform instruction. We’ll also show how to identify when pupils are ready to move to the Star Reading.


Recommended participants: Teaching staff, SLT and Assessment leads


Mondays @ 2pm

Wednesdays @ 3.30pm

Thursdays @ 9am



Renaissance Clinics:

The Renaissance Clinics allow you to book 15-minute calls with our experienced Trainers in a 1:1 environment. The Clinics are fantastic for asking advice on the products, for advancing your implementation, for analysing your data with some support or just figuring out your next steps. Access is unlimited, so, keep the links below and book and re-book as often as you need.

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