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STAR Assessments use learning progressions to give detailed skill-based feedback for every student

STAR Assessments are computer-adaptive tests for reading, maths, and early literacy. They can be used for progress monitoring and intervention, reporting results immediately to help inform planning and teaching. Used by over 1 million students in the UK, STAR Assessments have been found by over 50 independent research studies to be valid and reliable.

“It was important to us that we used a credible system to assess our students. It is a big positive for us that STAR has a direct correlation to the new national curriculum. The reports we get are increasingly useful for us, for staff and for parents.”

Andy Grace
The Boulevard Academy

“With STAR you get an incredible amount of information on students and the key skills they can and cannot perform.”

Chris Clews
Marine Academy

Screenshot of the suggested skills screen from the Reading Dashboard

The interactive Reading Dashboard uses learning progressions to show suggested skills for individual students or groups to work on next.

Built for the new national curriculum

STAR’s new skill-based questions determine students’ mastery within skill domains based on the new national curriculum. These skills are charted on the Core Progress learning progressions that have been built for the new national curriculum in collaboration with the National Foundation for Educational Research (NFER).

These learning progressions have been empirically validated using dynamic calibration and response data from thousands of students, ordering skill items and cross-linking them into a true mapping of skills that build on each other and serve as prerequisites to one another.

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An iPad showing a longer STAR Reading question

How STAR works

STAR is a cloud-based programme, hosted on network sites. Students and teachers log onto the programme to take tests and access reports.

Tests can be taken on tablets, computers, laptops, and through the STAR App for Apple iOS devices.

STAR is available by subscription. Students can take assessments as often as required with a single licence. Quotations are tailored to the specific needs of each school, and are available on request.

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Actionable data to bridge assessment and learning

Teaching is about understanding the needs of each student and then addressing those needs in the right order, so that students can make progress. The pathway a student follows to master a complex and interdependent web of skills is called a learning progression.

STAR Assessments use test results to report suggested skills from the Core Progress learning progressions. The instructional planning screens on the interactive Dashboard use this information to identify not only what your students know but also what they are ready to learn next.

“We have found STAR Reading to be the most precise analytical tool that we have ever seen as regards showing the development of children’s English comprehension skills.”

Anthony Wilson, Sir William Burrough Primary School

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