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Live Featured Power Sessions 
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Linking Star to KS2 testing

Predict SATs results as far back as Y3 based on data correlated via the national Student database

Monday @9am

Tuesday @4pm

Wednesday @2pm

Thursday @11am

Friday @1:30pm

Using Star to measure attainment and progress

See how Star data shows both absolute and relative growth over time using the Student Growth Percentile score

Monday @12pm

Tuesday @10am

Wednesday @3:30pm

Thursday @2pm

Friday @9am

Getting the most from your AR Diagnostic report

The most important report for Accelerated Reader to show the quality and quantity of reading practice

Monday @1:30pm

Tuesday @11am

Wednesday @12:30pm

Thursday @3:30pm

Friday @9am

Building Reading Stamina

Understand how dedicated reading time impacts student growth based on research

Monday @11am

Tuesday @4pm

Wednesday @9am

Thursday @12:30pm

Friday @2pm

Renaissance Clinics:

The Renaissance Clinics allow you to book time with one of our Training teams in a 1:1 environment. Show More The Clinics are fantastic for asking advice on the products, for advancing your implementation, for analysing your data or just figuring out your next steps.

We have launched weekly Clinic time where you will be able to book up to 15 minutes with one of our team. Slots will be limited each week and access to these is unlimited, so keep the link and book, or re-book, as often as you need.

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