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What’s New?

Your Renaissance site will be undergoing some exciting changes this Summer. Here are some key changes to your site:

  • Increased password security for personnel accounts.
    • There will now be a 14-character minimum requirement, including at least one upper case, one lower case, one number and one special character.
  • Localised Year Groups
    • You can now import with Scottish, Northern Irish and Republic of Ireland year groups. There is no need to use English Equivalents. Click here for more information.
  • Improvements to Reporting
    • SGP scores will be available much quicker, so reports will now be viewable within a few minutes of a student completing their Star Test.


End-of-Year Reports

As we move onto a new platform, we recommend you save a copy of all reports.

Generate/save reports for the current school year.

You cannot run these reports once your school year has ended.

  • Student Progress Monitoring Report– This report contains intervention progress information – helpful for teachers who will be working with the same intervention students next year or for sharing with those teachers who will be providing intervention to your current students next year.
  • Screening Report– This report cannot be generated for a previous school year. Therefore, we encourage teachers to save a copy at the end of the current school year for all screening periods, so you can continue to benefit from and compare data.
  • Annual Progress Report– This report displays a student’s progress across a school year compared to a National Norm Reference or a year-end target.


2023/2024 Back to School Checklist

You must be set up for success in the new academic year; we have created a checklist of the essential tasks which must be completed.

We recommend setting up your 2023/2024 school year after your upgrade has been completed.

View checklist

For additional information regarding your new school year set-up, please click here to view our ‘How To’ videos

Freckle and myON – Back-to-school guides

Importing Data to Your Renaissance Products

Import Guides
Wonde CSV Exports

Set up the new school year

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