For over 35 years, Star Assessments have been helping teachers identify students’ progress in literacy and numeracy compared to local and national benchmarks. They also include curriculum-aligned Learning Progressions to help identify attainment gaps and inform strategies for learning recovery.

To help understand the core values and the impact of Star Assessments, we’ve put together a free-to-download Star Assessments resource pack.

Comprised of our exclusive Focus Skills workbooks, our new ‘The Science of Star’ brochure, KS2 Linking Study and the 3-step guide to effective assessment, this pack includes key, useful information along with valuable insights which can be applied to your school.

Focus Skills: Available exclusively from Renaissance, Focus Skills™ are—simply put—the building blocks of student learning. Based on extensive research into how learning progresses in reading and mathematics from Reception to Year 11, Focus Skills provide a roadmap for closing learning gaps as you move every student toward greater mastery.

The Science of Star: The research foundation for Star Assessments, Star Early Literacy, Star Reading and Star Maths. This brochure includes a brief overview of all our Star solutions and explains how Computer Adaptive Testing is used for progress monitoring and intervention, as well as deep-diving into the reliability and validity of Star Assessments.

KS2 Linking Study: The collaborative study between Renaissance and the Department for Education compared students’ SATs scores with their Renaissance Star scores and found an extremely strong correlation between the two.

The 3-step guide to effective assessment: Helps to effectively assess, identify and track student progress with ease. This guide is ideal for both primary and secondary schools who want to:

  • Monitor student performance without increasing teacher workload
  • Quickly identify attainment gaps and next steps in learning
  • Accurately track student progress made at any time of the year
Combined with reading and maths practice solutions from Renaissance, Star Assessments provide an accurate analysis of progress as used by the Education Policy Institute (EPI) in research for the Department for Education.



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