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Photo of teachers discussing report data

Inform planning with actionable assessment data

STAR’s instant reporting means that you can take action from assessments at the time it is most useful: immediately.

Detailed reports identify the skills that students have mastered and those they have yet to learn, on an individual, group or class level.

Instructional Planning Reports provide teachers and parents with an ongoing source of evidence of learning and progression. These reports use the Core Progress™ learning progressions to identify the range of skills students are ready to develop next.

The Planning Report also shows an individual student’s current performance in relation to pre-selected benchmarks, so teachers can see whether a student is on track to meet targets.

The Dashboard offers a streamlined way for teachers to plan for individuals or groups of students, by providing details on students’ current performance, projected growth and a suggested focus for new skills.

The suggested skills screen in the Dashboard not only provides a way to view the prerequisite skills, but also shows the next skills in the progression. Teachers will be able to reference the year-level domain expectations to help see how the discrete skills will move students through the different levels of understanding.