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Skills-based testing for the new national curriculum

Target your students’ reading, maths and early literacy skills more effectively than ever before with STAR’s skill-based questions linked to the requirements of the new national curriculum.

With STAR you get an incredible amount of information on students and the key skills they can and cannot perform.

Chris Clews
Marine Academy

The reliability and validity of the STAR Assessments make them perfect for screening, benchmarking and progress monitoring.

This is achieved through a computer-adaptive test that determines the skills your students have mastered. Tests can be taken on a PC or iPad, and take about 20 minutes to complete. A series of detailed reports provides instant feedback about individual and group progress towards targets and helps to identify areas requiring intervention.

With STAR, you now have more detail than ever before about your students’ performance. The screening and progress monitoring capabilities identify which students are meeting benchmark, which are in need of intervention and how well those who are receiving intervention are responding to it.

STAR’s new skill-based questions determine students’ mastery within skill domains based on the new national curriculum. These skills are charted on the Core Progress™ learning progressions that have been built for the new curriculum in collaboration with the National Foundation for Educational Research (NFER).