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Belvedere British School, UAE

Belvedere British School, UAE, United Arab Emirates

With Renaissance Learning solutions, it is much easier to track progress. Our students enjoy using devices such as iPads, so myON has mainly engaged students who were otherwise unmotivated to read. We’ve seen a considerable increase in reading, and we’re able to establish a reading quiz tree for students to see their progress as they read more and pass more quizzes. We’re able to then reward this hard work with a prize raffle.

“We’ve since¬†recommended Accelerated Reader and Star Reading to other schools”

We’ve since¬†recommended Accelerated Reader and Star Reading to other schools. We love the Star Reading assessment as it is such a useful tool for new students particularly for sorting students into sets that allow teachers to provide work that is suited to the students current level of ability as highlighted by Star Reading assessments.

Similarly, the quizzes that students can carry out within Accelerated Reader after they read a book are useful to gauge interest and understanding. The information that we’re subsequently able to run off from the various reports within Accelerated Reader which outline the students’ unique reading age and the progress they’ve made¬†throughout the academic year allows us to hold a conversation with the students about their development.

“We love the Star Reading assessment!”

The support and training that we’ve received from Renaissance Learning is fabulous, and I really appreciate the quick response to questions. Particularly, as we are abroad, sometimes I just feel helpless, and the support team always get back to me and are great at answering any questions.

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