Latest success stories from Renaissance Learning

Getting our boys reading

Durston House School, Ealing

Devouring books

Through using Accelerated Reader at Durston House, not only has the love of reading and thirst for literature exploded, our academic standards have risen even higher!

The past academic year saw several boys read five million words, devouring books from home, the school library and the local library. Their desire to take quizzes and earn points is unwavering and drives boys through the pages, but they’re all well aware that their scores are scrutinised and their development is tracked, so they have to read carefully too!

Beginning to love reading

Boys begin using Accelerated Reader in Year 3 and continue through to Year 8. They’re encouraged to read for 60 minutes each day and have a great opportunity to get a head-start each morning before school starts, as the school libraries open for business at 8am. Accelerated Reader’s easy-to-use format is helpful for everyone – parents like receiving instant feedback, and the boys benefit from having their Virtual Bookshelf on display and a list of recommended books to read at their level.

The data that the programme gives us aids us in planning and teaching. It allows us to ensure that all the boys are understanding and improving, all whilst really beginning to love reading.

We even won an award!

In October 2016, the hard work and achievements of the boys and staff were rewarded when Renaissance presented Durston House with the award for the Top Performing Primary School in the country, despite having only been part of the program since January 2015. We’re proud to say that we’re now a Champion School, and we love reading every day.

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