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From ‘Requires Improvement’ to ‘Outstanding’ – a primary school’s journey

Florence Melly Community Primary School, Liverpool

Ken: “Every child matters”

Ken Heaton, Headteacher of Ofsted Outstanding school Florence Melly Community Primary School

Ken Heaton

We’re so happy to have been rated as Outstanding. It gives our pupils, parents, staff and governors recognition for all their hard work in continually improving our school.

To me, the key to improving a school is to always put the children first. Every child matters! We work closely with our children and parents to change lives through learning. It’s all about giving our children an engaging and exciting curriculum and the very best learning we can, playing to our children’s strengths, and making sure we’re supporting them as much as possible.

Accelerated Reader has really helped us to promote reading in our school. We’ve been using Accelerated Reader now for over three years and – given our new Ofsted inspection grade and our continuously improving progress scores in reading – it’s clearly having a positive impact! It has instilled a positive reading culture. Staff regularly read to pupils and they are constantly nurturing a love of reading.

We’re fortunate enough to have our own school librarian, Barbara, who set up Accelerated Reader. Luckily for us, she was already familiar with labelling books and making our library AR-friendly.  We purchased a large number of books and were also able to take advantage of the Cheshire Education Library Service to stock our library with fantastic books.


Barbara: Our library, then and now

Florence Melly Community Primary School, rated Outstanding by Ofsted

Florence Melly school

As a chartered librarian, I’m aware of how important strong literacy skills are to facilitate curriculum-wide progress. We encourage all pupils to look for books that are suited to their individual reading level, which they know from Accelerated Reader.  We want to develop a love of books and encourage pupils to widen their reading for pleasure. Accelerated Reader has helped to develop a fresh, new, positive reading culture throughout the school.

As the librarian, I often look at the reports that Accelerated Reader and Star Reading provide. The Star Reading Screening Report, for example, illustrates simply and precisely where each pupil sits in the spectrum of ability compared to the rest of the class.

With Accelerated Reader, we’re seeing a great impact in Years 4, 5 and 6, and we’re hoping that it will expand into Year 3 before long. We now have a great stock of books for every pupil: from the lower years of the school and lower-level readers, to those at the top end of the school. Now, there are more reasons to read than ever!

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