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Gateshead student enjoying success with reading

The Thomas Hepburn Community School, Gateshead

Hazel is an enthusiastic reader, with a reading age above her chronological age. Hazel is in the library at some point of every day and usually has other students with her, whom she encourages to read. My concern for her was to keep her motivated and suitably challenged in her reading.

Accelerated Reader has proved to be a great motivator for Hazel. She uses a school computer to take quizzes and sometimes has two or more to take after the weekend. She really enjoys the opportunity to take the quizzes on the books and the proof of her success that she gets from quizzing. She uses the TOPS Reports generated after each quiz to check her progress.

We have set additional motivational targets for Hazel to encourage her and reinforce her achievements. She loves the challenge of reading towards each ‘milestone million’. As her reward for clocking up the word score, she has challenged her Tutor to read out of his ‘comfort zone’.

The fact that she could quiz and have evidence of what she’d read, and how well she’d read it, kept her motivated and spurred her on to do more and more. It was heartening to see how much she enjoyed her success.

I am sure the confidence Hazel has as a result of her success can only have positive benefits for her across all subjects.

Profile of Hazel

Hazel only recently moved into the area. She loves cats and the word Huzzah! She was on the school team to judge this year’s North East Book Award and predicted the winner.

Questions for Hazel

What is your favourite book?
The Doomspell by Cliff McNish

Who is your favourite author?
Jacqueline Wilson

Why do you enjoy reading?
Reading is AMAZING!!! You can imagine what people look like; in films you just have the actor to represent what they look like. You can go places you’ve never been before and experience incredible things. Good books make me yell Huzzah!!!!!

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